Ellen Domb
Ellen Domb is the founder of the PQR Group and founding editor of The TRIZ Journal. TRIZ is Dr. Domb's 6th career: she has been a physics professor, an aerospace engineer, an engineering manager, a product line general manager, and a strategic planning/quality improvement consultant. In 2005, she was named by Quality Digest Magazine as a leading voice for the future, citing the integration of TRIZ for innovation in quality improvement and quality planning systems.

Ellen's client work, books, and articles are aimed at making it easy for people to learn TRIZ and to incorporate new thinking methods into their organizations. Clients include the Global 500--Dow Chemical, Hewlett-Packard, 3M, and others--and entrepreneurial companies with 3-50 employees. She is the developer of the methods for integrating TRIZ with the Hoshin Kanri methods of strategy deployment, and co-author of key books in both areas: Beyond Strategic Vision (with M. Cowley) and Simplified TRIZ (with K. Rantanen).

David Conley
David Conley holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering, an MBA with a concentration in Finance and is certified by the International TRIZ Association as a TRIZ Specialist (level 4). David has significant engineering and management experience: his professional career began as a USAF Officer performing plasma physics and space nuclear prolusion research at the Air Force Research Lab and ended with 17 years at Intel Corporation. During the last seven years at Intel he studied, applied and taught TRIZ throughout the company and became Intel’s world wide TRIZ program leader and internal consultant. David has experience applying TRIZ across a wide range of industries (semiconductors to medical products & hospitals to national laboratories) and systems (TRIZ for technical, computing, business and competitive intelligence). Further, David's experience as a TRIZ trainer and project analyst creates synergy that greatly enhances his expertise across both applications.

Marco Aurélio de Carvalho
Marco de Carvalho has a background in mechanical engineering, with a master's and doctor's degree in industrial engineering / product development. His thesis, IDEATRIZ Methodology for New Product Ideation, won the first prize in CONFEA (Brazilian Engineering Council) creativity and innovation award.
His experience includes working with Bosch, CSN, Infraero, Electrolux, FIAT, FIEP, Petrobrás, Siemens, Volvo, Whirlpool and Xerox, and other companies.
Marco has an interest in personal development. He is a certified Cybernetic Transposition coach (http://tinyurl.com/257h4kh).
Marco de Carvalho's professional experience includes working for John Deere, Volvo, Electrolux and Bosch in the areas of industrial engineering, product development and quality assurance.
His current position is associate professor at UTFPR (Federal University of Technology - Paraná). His activities include teaching, researching, and advising. He manages the MBA in Product Development Management, which he created in 2003. He also manages SOMA - TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Lab, which he created in 2007.
Marco wrote the book "Inovação em Produtos" (Product Innovation), co-authored the book "121 Heuristics for Solving Problems" and has written many other scientific and technological publications.
He is a member of:
- ABEPRO (Brazilian Society of Industrial Engineering)
- ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
- ETRIA (European TRIZ Association)
- IFM (Factory of the Millenium Institute), a Brazilian network with more than 300 researchers
- PDMA (Product Development Management Association);
- Working Group 5.4 - Computer-Aided Innovation at IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing)
- WFS (World Future Society)

Tim Brewer
Tim Brewer is a product development professional and industrial designer with sixteen years of software and hardware product development experience, at Microsoft and RealNetworks where he was Program Management Director. He researched user needs, planned future media player product portfolios, and forecast the technical evolution of the media player industry. At Microsoft, Tim developed business plans & proposals for a Microsoft enterprise biometric product line; real-time communication & collaboration product line; and crossover XBox/PC game controllers. Tim holds 14 utility patents including two patents on the ubiquitous mouse scroll wheel.

Tim is a graduate of the Master of Science in Industrial Design program at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and he holds undergrad degrees in Computer Science and Industrial Design Technology. He is the developer of a new method of teaching TRIZ to industrial design specialists, and a skilled facilitator for design teams.

Joe A. Miller
Joe A. Miller is an independent consultant and Principal of Quality Process Consulting. He integrates TRIZ, QFD, and Systems Dynamics analysis into the design, development, and provision phases for both product and service applications. His more than 30 years experience in medical product and system development and management includes extensive problem solution consulting and the development and teaching of proprietary project management, TQM and technical problem solving courses. Mr. Miller has been a TRIZ practitioner and member of the PQR Group since 1998.

Ralph Czerepinski
Ralph Czerepinski is principal of Cz innovation, a consulting firm specializing in problem-solving utilizing TRIZ methods. Prior to his retirement after 34 years at the Dow Chemical Company, he served a number of years as their TRIZ champion, facilitating many problem-solving sessions, and co-leading numerous classes in TRIZ.

Dr. Czerepinski's vast research and problem-solving experience includes extensive work in the fields of reprography, emulsion polymers, waterborne coatings, polymer property control, adhesives, composite technologies, imbibitive polymers, and thermal analysis, in addition to many others. He holds a BS Degree in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Washington.

Dee Kivett
Dee Kivett has been leading global quality improvement and supply chain development initiatives at world class companies for over fifteen years. Her demonstrated track record of achieving dramatic cost savings through continuous improvement was accomplished through her hands-on, practical approach to problem solving and her priority for building relationships within the supply chain as a key to long term success. She is leading the initiative to solve intractable supply chain problems using TRIZ.

As a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Lean Practitioner, Dee has helped organizations save millions through projects that have reduced defects; streamlined processes to eliminate non-value added activities; and improved customer service and on-time-delivery. She has led ISO and AS9120 registration projects at organizations ranging in size from 8 employees to 4500 employees, so she has a broad perspective on the different levels of supply chain challenges, in industries ranging from Aerospace and Automotive to Services, Distribution, and Healthcare.

As a Mechanical Engineer and Global Quality Manager responsible for the production of high-quality products sold into government, defense, and FDA-regulated medical applications, Dee has first-hand experience with the strict engineering standards required for success in these demanding industries.

Darrell Mann
Darrell Mann is has conducted extensive research on modifications of TRIZ to modern business and technology. He is the most-published author in the TRIZ Journal and a featured presenter at many engineering and strategic planning conferences. He has collaborated with Ellen Domb on research articles, university and conference presentations, and client engagements since the founding of the PQR Group, and used the PQR model to help develop the Systematic Innovation Network, which is active in 9 countries.

Akhilesh Gulati
Akhilesh Gulati is the Principal of Pivot Consulting. He specializes in ISO 9000 and Lean & Six Sigma tools such as productivity improvement, cost and waste reduction, process enhancement, and customer satisfaction, and was among the first to add TRIZ to these systems. He has over 20 years of experience in team leadership, and coordination, problem solving, lean manufacturing and kaizen events,process and productivity improvement. Experienced in a wide variety of industries:ship building, oil and gas, aerospace, insurance, healthcare, distribution, hi-tech and manufacturing. MBA, MS, BS, California Quality Award Examiner, Senior Member and ASQ Section chair.

Noel Leon
Noel Leon is a professor at the Center for Product Innovation in Design and Technology at Mexico's Tecnológico de Monterrey. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering (Summa cum Laude), from the Dresden University of Technology, in Germany. Prof. León is the Director of the Research Program Creativity, Inventiveness and Innovation in Engineering. He specializes in Product Design, Design Methodology and Computer Aided Engineering. Noel Leon is Chairman of the Mexican TRIZ Association and a member of the Altshuller Institute of TRIZ Studies. He also chairs the IFIP Working Group WG5.4, Computer Aided Innovation. Noel owns two patents and has applied for 16 new patents. He is member of the National Researchers System of Mexico. His experience includes courses in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Panama, USA, Germany, France and Peoples Republic of China. Clients include Delphi, Siemens, Volkswagen, Technicolor, Schneider Electric, Gamesa, Mabe, Whirlpool, CEMEX, Plastiglas.

John Terninko
Dr. John Terninko has integrated his diverse experience base (electrical engineering, operations research, organizational development, teaching, continuing education and management consultation) to develop a unique intervention style for organizations. He has been teaching and using TRIZ for 13 years. Consistent with his professional life of being on the cutting edge in QFD and Taguchi for 23 and 27 years, respectively, John has integrated TRIZ, QFD and Taguchi in his approach to design problems. Organizations become more profitable by having innovative robust processes and products desired by their customers. He has published books and has presented many papers on each subject. His Step-by-Step QFD book was on Amazon.com's top 50 Management book list and his Step-by-Step TRIZ book is being used by universities and industry for training. He and Dr. Edward Chaplin wrote Customer Driven Healthcare: QFD for Process Improvement and Cost Reduction.

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