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The PQR Group is an international TRIZ consulting/training network.  We are developers of TRIZ methods that enable our clients to create breakthrough solutions to product, process, and strategy problems.


This course will introduce you to TRIZ so that you can use TRIZ to solve real problems – you’ll see for yourself how TRIZ helps you create innovative breakthroughs in YOUR situation. This class is not “about” TRIZ—it is TRIZ!

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The PQR Group members are authors of leading TRIZ teaching and research books.  See the TRIZ Journal for reviews, or click here for information.

Podcast: TRIZ--structure & excitement!
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TRIZ for business model innovation: 4 articles with business and technology examples
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Ellen Domb talks about TRIZ and QFD to the Project Management Institute

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The PQR Group is an international consulting and training firm specializing in the application of innovation methodologies, powered by TRIZ, to help organizations maximize customer satisfaction, productivity and profits. 


Systematic Innovation is the term applied to the overall process of methodically analyzing and solving challenging and complex problems through the application of various innovation methodologies.  TRIZ is the science of innovation and the keystone of Systematic Innovation.  With TRIZ as its "power source", the PQR Group masterfully executes, and provides training for, Systematic Innovation processes for technology forecasting and for problem solving in product development, process development, software development, and many kinds of strategic and tactical business problem resolution. 


The PQR Group provides a plethora of services to its clients ranging from project consultation and management to organization training and program development.


Project consultation activities include professional problem solving and technology forecasting, strategy development, and custom program development and implementation support (i.e., integration of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation into existing organizational programs).  PQR Group training services include programs for:
  • Practioners (Beginner, Advanced and Expert)
  • Triz for Technology
  • Triz for Business
  • Triz for Computing Systems
  • Technology forecasting
  • Train-the-trainer and licensing training systems

The PQR Group was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ellen Domb and joined by managing partner David Conley in 2013. PQR Group's clients can benefit from its members and network affiliates drawn from across 3 continents.  Over the past 20 plus years, PQR Group members Ellen Domb, David Conley, Darrell Mann, Joe Miller, and Ralph Czerepinski have played a significant role in creating the modern TRIZ and Systematic Innovation methods and their efficient utilization within modern business and engineering environments. 

Their extensive industry, research, academic and business experience provides the foundation of one of the most valued TRIZ organizations on the planet. 

Click "People" to meet some of our members, who are TRIZ researchers, consultants, and teachers, focused on developing methods that enable our clients to get the benefits of TRIZ quickly and thoroughly.   We are pioneers in the integration of TRIZ, and other Systematic Innovation methods, into Six Sigma, Lean, and other improvement systems.

The PQR Group consultants and our network affiliates are in the US, UK, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, Austria, and Spain.   Our members are major contributors to the development of TRIZ (see the Books and Articles sections of this website) and to the development of teaching methods that make our clients proficient in applications of TRIZ to their own problems.   Our members have industry background in automotive, aerospace, semiconductors, defense R&D, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, polymer chemistry, chemical engineering, medical delivery systems, and business management, and experience integrating TRIZ with Six Sigma, Quality Function Deployment, Robust Engineering and a host of other industry improvement standards.

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